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Kikentai management: the concept

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As this is my first blog post I might as well explain the title ‘Kikentai Management’. ‘Ki Ken Tai Ichi’ is a japanese phrase commonly used in the context of sword fighting (or martial arts in general). It refers to the unity (ichi = one) of mind/spirit (ki = energy), tool/weapon (ken = sword) and body (tai = body). Obviously that is a very desirable state for a martial artist. I am also convinced personally: If these three things come together – the right action, mindset and method – the result is at the same time beautiful and irresistible. Thus “Ki Ken Tai Ichi” is something I strive for not only in my martial arts practice, but also in my career as a professional manager.

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Kikentai Management

Unfortunately in my years in management I have found this to be a rare thing.  Too often things being told, things being intended and things being done don’t really match up. If I could make a wish for this blog it would probably be that it helped some of us just a bit to come closer to this ideal of unity.

In writing this blog I will try to bring together body, soul and tools too. Let’s see how this turns out. Help is most welcome!


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